Cápsulas tailandesas a base de vegetales para hombres. El efecto de Viagra! Aplicación completamente segura!

Cápsulas tailandesas a base de vegetales para hombres. El efecto de Viagra! Aplicación completamente segura!
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Original, completely natural capsules for "male" health. Designed and manufactured in Thailand.

Specialists from South-East Asia were able to create a drug that is no less effective than the world famous "Viagra", but, unlike it, does not contain a single artificial substance. He was given the name "Cappra (Kappra)".

This drug has been repeatedly tested in laboratory conditions and has shown excellent results. It increases the potency and at the same time has no side effects. The exception is an allergic reaction to one or more components, so be sure to talk to a trusted doctor before use.

The high quality of this drug is indicated by the fact that a famous Thai film actor has invested in it (the name is not disclosed for obvious reasons). He personally tried Kappru and now advises her to all men who have problems in bed.

The principle of operation of capsules for "male" health based on medicinal herbs:

The presented capsules have several actions.
  1. First, they improve erection. This is due to the fact that much more blood begins to flow to the penis.
  2. Secondly, the probability of premature ejaculation is minimized. As a result, you can prolong sexual intercourse to half an hour or even more!
  3. Those who have already bought and used Kappru say that their women, who have never experienced a vaginal orgasm, were finally able to get it.

As noted above, in these capsules there are only medicinal herbs. It:

● spotted deer;
● Tsungorium Dzhungar;
● Goryanka short;
● wolfberry (or in another way - common wolfberry);
● morinda officinalis;
● holly horned;
● Cistanche desert.

How to use capsules to increase potency with medicinal herbs?

Very simple. Open the package, take one pill and swallow it. Wash down with plenty of water - half the usual glass. Take the drug must be 30 minutes before the start of sexual intercourse.

You can buy these wonderful capsules in our online store. To do this, place your order through the basket or contact your manager in one of the instant messengers for help.



Cápsulas tailandesas a base de vegetales para hombres. El efecto de Viagra! Aplicación completamente segura!
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Marca: Таиланд

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